Xiaomi Mi Band 5 - Black

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  • 11 mode olahraga profesional
  • 1.1 layar besar dengan tampilan warna dinamis
  • Pemantauan detak jantung cerdas 24 jam
  • Pemantauan tidur 24 jam
  • Kesehatan Wanita Baru


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xiaomi Mi Band 5 Black [Versi Cina]


1.1" large screen with dynamic color display

The display area has been increased again by about 20%*,
allowing calls, messages and reminders to be clearly visible,and for the first time realized the dynamic dial display.
11 professional sports modes
For the first time, it supports yoga, shaping and fat-reducing rowing machines,
skipping ropes, etc., and accurately monitors and analyzes each sports posture, heart rate, pace,
and calorie consumption to help you achieve your weight loss goals efficiently.
Rowing machine mode, can exercise 80% of muscle groups at a time
Want to lose body fat quickly?
This exercise can exercise the muscle groups of almost the whole body in one exercise,
and accurately record the time of each oar, oar and stroke, so as to achieve efficient fat burning effect.
Comprehensive monitoring of heart rate, sleep, physical condition
Rekindling the "health" on your wrist
24-hour intelligent heart rate monitoring
The comprehensive upgrade of the algorithm
and hardware* makes irregular movements such as cross-country running,
mountain climbing, and hiking increase the monitoring accuracy by up to 50%*,
and can also be vibrated when your heart rate is abnormal.Tookfun
24-hour sleep monitoring
It’s easy to get a good night’s sleep. It’s easy to upgrade the sleep analysis technology,
and the accuracy rate is again improved by 40%*.
It can professionally interpret the sleep characteristics of each period and provide scientific suggestions
for you to quickly optimize insomnia and other problems.Tookfun
New magnetic charging
One-key remote control to take pictures
16Parcel list
Band body / Wristband / Special charging cable / Instructions for use
Fitur :
  • 11 mode olahraga profesional
  • 1.1 "layar besar dengan tampilan warna dinamis
  • Pemantauan detak jantung cerdas 24 jam
  • Pemantauan tidur 24 jam
  • Kesehatan Wanita Baru
  • Pengisian magnetik baru
  • Remote control satu tombol untuk mengambil gambar.
  • Mode mesin dayung, dapat berolahraga 80% dari kelompok otot pada suatu waktu
  • Pemantauan komprehensif detak jantung, tidur, kondisi fisik

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