HAN RIVER HRSKG01BK Grill Electric BBQ Panggang 1200watt(SP)

SKU: A08680754190

  • Voltage:220V/50Hz 
  •  Power:1200 W 
  •  Size:45*16*39CM 


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Anda dapat menggoreng makanan dengan sedikit minyak dan menyiapkan hidangan lezat yang matang merata. Tak perlu pemanasan sebelumnya dan dengan desain baru yang ringkas, Anda tetap dapat memasak makanan dalam jumlah banyak. Voltage:220V/50Hz Power:1200 W Size:45*16*39CM Color:Black Features: * A unique 2 in 1 Barbecue Pan, you can achieve the perfect combination of cooking food and barbecue. * Thickening aluminum baking pan, no rust,high hardness,heat evenly. * The baking pan surface with smoke-free non-stick coating, can effectively inhibit fumes, care of your health. * Using high-quality electronic components, fast and evenly heating, long service life. * The bottom with large area cooling holes, can effectively speed up work efficiency of the pot, extend the service life. * Multi-function knob control, you can freely switch the cooking method you want. Use Method: 1.Check the bottom of the pot is intact before use, the bottom of the pot can not exist foreign body. 2.Connect the socket and pot, turn the knob to the OFF position, and then insert the plug into the power supply. 3.Turn the knob to switch to the cooking mode you want. (Power will automatically disconnect and connect depending on the cooking mode you choose and the temperature of the food inside the pot.) 4.Turn the knob to OFF after using, then unplug the plug. Clean Method: Put a small amount of detergent or water in the pan to clean, and then dry with a cloth. Package Includes: 1 x Roasted Shabu 1 x Pot Cover 1 x Power Cable

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