Charging 2 in 1 Built In Data Charge Cable untuk iPhone dan Android - 100cm Silver

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    Brand : Charging 2 in 1

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    2 in 1 Built In USB Cable with One Head Two Function Charge - IOS and Android 

    EXCLUSIVE! 2in1 Built in Data Charge Cable Reversible 2 in 1 Sync and Charge Data USB Cable, One Connector Can Work on both Micro USB and Lightning devices.
    Safety and Stability
    Built In Protection Circuit, provides error free Charging and Compatability
    No Accidental Over Charging 
    Cable dapat digunakan untuk : 
    Charging dan Data TANPA harus mengganti Slot. Anda dapat menggunakannya pada kedua device yaitu Android dan Iphone. Dapat digunakan sebagai penghubung Iphone dengan ITunes dan Android dengan PC HANYA DENGAN 1 SLOT PIN. 
    1st in Indonesia.
    Cara Penggunaan nya : 
    Iphone : Pin menghadap ke atas 
    Android : Pin menghadap ke Bawah ( Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus, Blackberry. Tergantung Posisi Slot yang mengecil menghadap kearah mana Jika Samsung Slot menghadap Keatas Sehingga pemasangan Cable PIN menghadap ke bawah). 
    Compatible with Apple and Android Products - No Error Message
    Fast Charging 5V 2.4A Output,
    Fast Charging for All Apple and Android High Resistance Material for Fast Charging USB 2.0
    Fast Data Transfers Exclusive 2 Sided Design Cable has 2-1 Design to support All Android Micro USB and Apple Lightning Ports Size - 100 cm Cable - Good Length for all Devices
    Exclusive Features 2-in-1 connector that can work on both micro USB and lightning devices.
    Let's make charging easier! This Cable is a simple yet perfect solution to break the barrier between lightning and micro USB.
    You can easily charge any device with no matter lightning port (iPhone) or micro USB port (Android). 
    Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, as long as you are a mobile device user,
    2 in 1 Built In cable is here for you!
    We want to make this familiar everyday action just a little simpler and easier for everyone.
    We want to make a durable and high-quality charging cable applicable for most mobile devices. 
    Here comes the innovative 2 in 1 Built In cable - the ONLY DATA and CHARGING CABLE YOU EVER NEED!
    Materials : 25*0.10*2C+10*0.10*2C
    texture : fine copper
    data line : 10 pcs fine copper. diameter:0.1mm / pcs 
    charger line : 25 pcs fine copper. diameter:0.1mm / pcs
    2.4 mAh 
    25*0.10*2C means 25pcs fine copper, diameter 0.1mm/pcs, and 2 group.
    It means 50 pcs fine copper for charge, 20 pcs fine copper for deliver data

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