4pcs/set - angpao emas sapi imlek 2021 Au999 Gold 24K (0.1gram) shio Red Envelope AngPao AngBao(SP)

SKU: A17880760938

  • Bahan: Au999 Gold (24k Emas)
  • Kuantitas: 4 buah per set
  • Aksesori: Setiap Angpao dilengkapi dengan sertifikat. 
  • Ukuran: 18 * 9cm 
  • Berat Emas: 0,1 gr


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Into the year 2021, dpJewelleryOnline sets their eye on producing a premium line-up of merchandise to reward their Long term supporter. Starting it off is the Chinese New Year angpao (red packet), which is inspired by the five blessings or as believed by the Chinese to mean prosperity or fortune. The contrast looks amazingly pretty and presentable. The CNY angpao are decorated with BaiFu and Chinese ancient coin patterns that represent wealth. There are Five angpao in a box set with 5 each are set in the color of Chinese red . The purpose of making it 5 pieces per set is to bring surprise and excitement to the recipient. It also brings a sense of pride to the sender who uses it to give someone during the Chinese New Year. In it is usually inserted with bank notes (money) as a little token of blessing or fortune from the sender to the recipient. During this auspicious occasion, it is very important to carry out the tradition of angpao giveaway with grace, respect and an open heart. Every single detail on the gold coin makes the Chinese words greetings on the angpao stand out against background. Evidently, those words come from ancient greetings especially for this angpao. Furthermore, the greeting on the individual angpao is designed in different special meaning.

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